You can shave off a few seconds of finding a widget asset by directly providing “Edit this widget” button to your widgets. Clicking the button opens the asset editor with that given widget:

Firstly, we will create a C++ blueprint function that will open our widget with editor:

The magic is hidden in “WidgetCreatedBy”, which holds a reference to the asset responsible for “generating” our editor widget window.

You need to add modules “UMG”, “UMGEditor”, “EditorScriptingUtilities”, “UnrealEd” so that the code can be compiled.

Secondly, we will call the function on click event of a button:

The image above contains a plain old simple Editor Utility Widget, backed by a very simple blueprint and nothing else. You can display “actor pickers”, “asset pickers” and other useful widgets in the Editor Utility Widget by using “Details View” or “Single property view”! Moreover, it is very easy to set up.

Details View

Start by dragging a Details View onto your canvas:

You can open any Editor utility widget simply by calling:

The path to the widget is given by FString provided to LoadAsset function. You can find the path by right-clicking any asset and choosing “Copy reference”.

Unreal has quite a handy plugin for 3Ds Max that is able to export to Unreal Datasmith.

Advantages of using Datasmith over FBX or Alembic:

  1. Geometry is exported as a hierarchy, rather than just a single actor. If you have 100 distinct components, you have each component as a single actor, rather than 100 material slots named “Element 0” to “Element 99”. This opens a door for further post-processing, such as automatically assigning materials based on actor name
  2. Animation is exported as Level Sequence.


  1. The exporter AFAIK does not support deformations in alembic cache. Only transformations are exported into…

For now (as of UE4 4.26.1) Unreal Engine does not allow importing alembic with a face that has more than 4 vertices. Sadly, Unreal does not tell you which mesh of imported file is the one he complaints about.

In a complicated Alembic file, you can have thousands of meshes and just a few of them might have offending faces. An easy solution is to triangulate your mesh and try the import again. However, when you have a complicated model, triangulation can take considerable time or re-triangulating the whole model might not be an option at all. …

When you want to share a quick preview of your animation in Houdini, it’s better to export a playblast (recording of the viewport), rather than wait for a lengthy render.

An example of playblast converted to GIF

A step by step explanation follows:

This article does not contain story spoilers of Cyberpunk 2077.

Raytracing for the rescue

What makes Cyberpunk 2077 gorgeous is raytracing. No wonder console users are not satisfied with the game when they are missing the essential component that makes Cyberpunk next-gen! Watch this technical analysis from Digital Foundry.

GTA V did a simulated open world better

With comparable development budgets (GTA V had just 13% bigger budget), Cyberpunk 2077 falls short behind GTA V when it comes to a simulated open world. The following video objectively compares the open-world systems of both games in the same situations. You could object that Cyberpunk is “in the future” and thus behaves differently…

Cloning UE4 codebase ( is very useful even if you don’t plan to build the latest engine version. Here are a few use cases that I use regularly myself!

Finding C++ code behind a blueprint node

You know how to do things in a blueprint but don’t know how to go about it in C++? Why not look at the source?

Hover over a node for a tooltip to be displayed. Note the text “Target is Audio Mixer Blueprint Library”. The target name is the name of the class and conveniently name of the file we are looking for!

For navigating inside the engine code, I prefer…

Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

It’s that time of year again when all kind of compilation videos are popping up on YouTube. From best memes of 2020 (, most important news ( to best movies ( What if you could do your own compilation of movies and series you watched?


  • coding skills (or copy-paste skills :-)
  • command-line skills (gotta feel like a hacker!)
  • youtube-dl (
  • python 3.8 (optional)

(1) Simply go to to see all records of your viewing activity.

(2) For each movie, search for movie name + trailer on youtube, to get a trailer. …

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