Hacking Unreal Engine AlembicImporter to provide a better error message regarding ngons

An example of a ngon that has 5 vertices in Blender. The house is separated into three different meshes.
Import dialog showing separate parts for import.
An additional log message specifying name of offending mesh.
if (FirstSample) {
/* ... Some Code ... */
}else {
const FText MeshName = FText::FromString(GetName());
const TSharedRef<FTokenizedMessage> Message = FTokenizedMessage::Create(EMessageSeverity::Error, FText::Format(LOCTEXT("FoundNGon2", "Wrong mesh {0}."), MeshName)); FAbcImportLogger::AddImportMessage(Message);
1>------ Build started: Project: UE4, Configuration: Development_Editor x64 ------1>Using 'git status' to determine working set for adaptive non-unity build (C:\Users\filip.sivak\workspace\Repos\UnrealEngine).1>Invalidating makefile for UE4Editor (AbcFile.cpp modified)1>Building UE4Editor and ShaderCompileWorker...1>Using Visual Studio 2019 14.28.29334 toolchain (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.28.29333) and Windows 10.0.18362.0 SDK (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10).1>[Adaptive unity build] Excluded from AlembicLibrary unity file: AbcPolyMesh.cpp1>Building 4 actions with 24 processes...1>  [1/4] Module.AlembicLibrary.cpp1>  [2/4] UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.lib1>     Creating library C:\Users\filip.sivak\workspace\Repos\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\AlembicImporter\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\AlembicLibrary\UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.lib and object C:\Users\filip.sivak\workspace\Repos\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\AlembicImporter\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\AlembicLibrary\UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.exp1>  [3/4] UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.dll1>     Creating library C:\Users\filip.sivak\workspace\Repos\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\AlembicImporter\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\AlembicLibrary\UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.suppressed.lib and object C:\Users\filip.sivak\workspace\Repos\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Experimental\AlembicImporter\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\AlembicLibrary\UE4Editor-AlembicLibrary.suppressed.exp1>  [4/4] UE4Editor.target1>Total time in Parallel executor: 38.81 seconds1>Total execution time: 68.02 seconds========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 2 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========




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